Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza (Tesco)

From the new(ish) Full on Flavour range, this definitely gives Asda's version a run for its money. A better base which is lighter and less stodgy and a better stuffed crust too. It also seemed to cook better as well. Actually, it doesn't just give Asda's version a run for it's money, it snatches Asda's money and legs it off down the road at full speed, laughing on it's tiny little pizza legs.

"Really super tasty pizza base hand stuffed with three different cheeses for a delicious satisfying experience. First there's our big bold tomato sauce, then you've got heaps of cheese and pepperoni that melt into a perfect mess of gooey gorgeousness."

Tesco is the new place to go for chilled pizza.

Pizza rating: 8.5/10 (although being better, it rates slightly lower than Asda's Stuffed Crust Spicy Meatball pizza due to the fact it's only pepperoni, welcome to my confusing scoring system).


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