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Pata Pizza - Caffe Caruso

I think we just died and went to pizza heaven.  This is from a fantastic Italian restaurant based in the small town of Warrington in the North West of England.  "Caffe’ Caruso is an Italian restaurant and caffe’ , conveniently situated in the centre of Warrington, Cheshire. We cook a wide variety of traditional and modern Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta,with the best available fresh ingredients. Fine quality meat, poultry and seafood a speciality. A generous selection of cakes and deserts are also available."
The bad-boy pictured above is their Pata Pizza which is "Tomato based with mozzarella, chopped würstel and chips." Yes, it's sausage and chips, proper chips, on a pizza!  This pizza would make Jamie Oliver shit himself.
Possibly one of the best things ever. The base was fresh and light and the würstel and chips were cooked to perfection. My only slight niggle with this one was it was so good I wanted to buy another.
Rating: 9 slices out of 10

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