Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza (Tesco)

From the Full on Flavour range. I went on about this range of pizzas from Tesco a few weeks back with the Pepperoni one. Here we're just trying the cheese version and it still doesn't disappoint. It definitely is equal to, if not better than, the Chicago Town sauce stuffed crust frozen pizzas.

"Really super tasty pizza base hand stuffed with three different cheeses for a delicious satisfying experience. First there's our big bold tomato sauce, then you've got heaps of our six tasty cheese blend that melts into a perfect mess of gooey gorgeousness."

Also, "Gooey cheesy awesomeness - Semolina dusted for the ultimate takeaway base! - Stuffed for extra flavour - Ultimate cheese feast pizza"

It must be the semolina dusting that makes it so good, *whispers* and I'm not even sure what semolina is...

Pizza rating: 8/10


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