Sauce Stuffed Crust Takeaway BBQ Sizzler (Chicago Town)

It's raining outside so no chance of having a BBQ. So why not have the BBQ Sizzler instead?  And anyway, you can't cook pizza on a BBQ. Fool! It's another amazing Chicago Town sauce stuffed crust pizza and it's Limited Edition too so best be quick(?)

"A mouthwatering five star topping of delicious mozzarella, chorizo, red onions, red and yellow peppers and a BBQ stuffed crust."

Most frozen pizzas are rubbish but Chicago Town have really done the business with this range. The only problem with frozens is the fact that you can't arrange the toppings. FML!! Just kidding, it's not the most disastrous thing in the world obviously, it's just an observation...

Pizza rating: 9/10


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