Doner Kebab Pizza (Hungry Joe's)

Blimey, it sounds like a heart attack on a plate. But... Doner Kebab pizza! I love pizza, I love doner meat! Win and indeed, win! Apparently, "Joe hates being hungry. His Doner Kebab Pizza is packed full of flavour and is sure to feed your hunger."

Joe's pizzas are pretty great, not Chicago Town great, but just great.  The deep pan base is kinda similar to any other deep pan base, one may even say, 'bog standard'. But it's the topping that saves the day here: "A filling deep pan pizza topped with spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, kebab lamb, peppers and red onions. A doner kebab pizza, what a delicious combination!"  Also, it doesn't require 8 pints of lager in order to enjoy it like with a normal kebab and at a measly 1050 calories it's practically health food!

Pizza rating: 8 of out 10 slices


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