Sauce Stuffed Crust Takeaway Sloppy Joe (Chicago Town)

A Limited Edition pizza! Not seen this one before and my first question is WHY? Why limited edition? Is it just to try and help sell more pizzas? "Oh no it's limited, I best buy 50!"  I don't know. And I'm not going to spend another nano-second worrying about it. It's pizza time baybee!

"Topped with mozzarella cheese, spicy beef, red onions and green peppers with a spicy seasoning on a tomato sauce stuffed crust. Made for meat lovers! This pizza inspired by the all-American classic is big on flavour and topped to the max! Made using our unique rising dough that's not pre-cooked (unlike other frozen pizzas) to give you that real takeaway taste straight from the oven."

1500 calories of pure Limited Edition awesome. Pizza rating: 9/10


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