Mexican Spiced Chicken, Chilli & Salsa (Sainsbury's)

Ok, it's not stuffed crust (and stuffed crust is my favourite) but it's a bit of a stunner nonetheless, fresh from the Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range. The blurb, "Hand stretched pizza base made with extra virgin olive oil (2.3%) topped with tomato salsa, marinated chicken, mozzarella cheese, mature West Country Farmhouse Cheddar cheese, sour cream, Cherry Bell peppers and sliced green chillies."

It has itself a splendid crispy tasty base and it's hot to look at as well as taste (3 chillies warning sign). Wow that totally rhymes, by accident as well!  This is 1280 calories of pizza quality right here, so good it's distracted me from E3 dammit!

Rating: 7.5 / 10


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