Stuffed Crust Meat Feast Pizza (Asda)

Yet another Asda pizza:  "A gooey crust of cheesy stonebaked perfection with tangy tomato sauce and a meat overload with spicy pepperoni, smoky ham and a spicy chilli beef with a little kick... And don't forget to dip your crust in the yummy barbecue dip."

Usually these are great, but the final slice of this one was really doughy unfortunately. You know, you could taste the dough like it was raw (and yes I had cooked it properly). So this would have got a at least an 8/10 but tonight it only gets a 5/10.  If I was being picky, their statement above of, "stonebaked perfection" is actually downright lies, lies and lies upon lies.

I'm branching out from next week. Supermarket pizzas are all well and good (they've won awards and everything), but I will be sampling local pizza delivery outlets for a change. Strangely Bing brings back the best search results compared to Google. Roll on next week.

Rating: 5/10


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