Smokin' Sensation Stonebaked Pizza (Asda)

Last night I thought I was in trouble. I felt really ill playing Half Life 2, check that link out for the lowdown.  I feared pizza night would be a write-off but thankfully I feel fine today, so let's bring on the PIZZA! Tonight is another in the Asda Chosen By You boxed/chilled range:

"Our super loaded feast heaped with smokin' barbeque sauce, ham and bacon, topped off with mouthwatering mushrooms"

Currently on offer at 2 for £5. I bought two different varieties. This one was so good I nearly ate the other one too, however I resisted like a manly resistance fighter person whose sole mission is to resist pizza. I'll have the other pizza tomorrow.

Needless to say this one was a cracker *and* I had a sneaky Heinz Garlic dip for the crusts. Game on, *whispers* 1074 calories...

Pizza rating: 8/10


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