American Hot (Pizza Express for Sainsburys)

Judging by the photo I probably should have rearranged the topping a bit better... but I was in rush to eat pizza, so stop going on about it ok?!

Tonight I'd thought we'd go for the horrendously overpriced Pizza Express Pizza's from Sainsburys. Although, there's an offer on at the moment, £4.50 each or 2 for £5. Forcing me to buy two pizzas, why I oughta... *shakes fist at Mr Sainsbury*.

So the American Hot then, a Pizza Express 'Classic' apparently featuring, "Pepperoni & Hot Peppers - Pepperoni, hot green peppers and creamy mozzarella" That's pretty much all the explanation you get so I guess that's all we need.

Thin base and skimpy topping unfortunately so it weighs in at well under 700 calories. Despite that, it's still pretty tasty.  Rating: 7 slices out of 10.


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